Teton Automation

Making Grand Things

Product Portfolio

What we have created


Bike Wurx

Launch date : 6 September 2017





Trail Wurx

Launch date : 14 September 2017

What's in the box?


What we offer

Conceptual Design

IoT Platform selection

Device and sensor selection

Proof of Concept(PoC)

Data Analytics

Board Design

We specializing in small design.

Particle Photon

Particle Photon

Full-Stack Development

Turn-key applications from scratch

Upgrades to existing applications

Arudino, Particle Photon & Electron, ESP-8266, ESP-32

WiFi, Bluetooth LE

C#, Python, Java, ASP.NET, .Net Core, SQL

About Teton Automation

Teton Automation is an Internet of Things (IOT) innovator. We are focused on adding value and unleashing value to everyday things.

Teton Automation is a division of Yiyokyay LLC. Yiyokyay is an LLC wholly owned by Roger Watson and based in Jackson, WY.

The Teton Automation slogan - Making Grand Things - pulls together three concepts the which will drive the organization.

Teton Automation is on the way to becoming a leader in the Maker movement and Internet of Things marketplace.

Inspiration and drive is nurtured by the grandeur and beauty of our Jackson Hole base and the Teton Range including the Grand Teton the second highest peak in the U.S.

Our Values

MISSION: Our mission is to add value to everyday life.
We will continue to search for untapped potential in all things.
We will make things better.

VISION: Our vision is to be an Internet of Things leader.
We lead by the things we say and the things we do.


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Jackson, WY USA

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